Our Story

Balancing the ingredients and mixtures to form the perfect cake and pastries in the family’s small kitchen, a young entrepreneur and his two other brothers set out to start what would be known as a small family business in the heart of the San Gabriel Valley in Southern California. With their love for baking and creating tasty and desirable sweets, they set their mission to share their love of their cakes and pastries to the world. From their passion of baking, the brothers pursued a new standard of quality where every cake, bread, and pastry was made to satisfy everyone’s desires.

Based in El Monte, California, Happy Bakery has been serving the greater San Gabriel Valley since 1989. As each dessert is made with local fresh and quality ingredients, Happy Bakery is committed to providing the community with affordable sweets that everyone can enjoy. Stop by one of the stores to experience desserts and pastries that have been made with passion.